The Legend of The Pink Flamingo

First, why is this newsletter called The Pink Flamingo, you might ask?  Students who have visited faculty offices in the C Wing already know the answer.  For those of you who haven’t seen the pink plastic “lawn ornaments” outside the offices of Drs. Gurung, Martin, L. Noppe, Von Dras, and Wilson-Doenges, come up and take a look.  How do these beautifully dressed/decorated creatures appear?  Some suspect Twila, our Academic Department Associate.  Some think it’s Dr. Gurung, who, as always, in turn blames Dr. Martin.  Some even suspect it’s a poltergeist (maybe, more accurately, a “poultry”-geist), but no one knows for sure.  Actually, it all started when Dr. Illene Noppe asked her son for a pink flamingo for Mother’s Day…. Want to know more?  You’ll have to wait for the next issue of The Pink Flamingo.

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