The Legend of the Pink Flamingo Continues (Episode III – “Revenge of the Flamingo”)

When we ended our last installment of The Legend of the Pink Flamingo, Dr. Illene Noppe had just presented the very first departmental flamingo to Twila. Twila grew so fond of it that she didn’t want to give it back, so Dr. Noppe had to buy another one to put outside her own office (that’s when they started to multiply!). Eventually, beginning a trend of marking “special events” with flamingos, that one showed up outside Dr. Vespia’s home with a “get well soon” sign after her knee surgery. That thoughtful gift started a game much like “hot potato” because, well, let’s just say that initially not everyone shared Dr. Noppe’s enthusiasm for the plastic creatures. If you received a flamingo, the only way to get rid of it was to think of another faculty member and special event to “honor” with it (leading to the catchy new term “getting flamingoed”). Dr. Vespia passed hers on to Dr. Gurung, and it became the first fully costumed bird. She and Twila decorated it with a grass skirt, lei, sunglasses, and flip-flops to welcome him back from a conference in Hawaii (admittedly stretching the definition of “special event”). How did these birds become objects of love instead of “hot potatoes”? What’s up with the Packer flamingo by Dr. Martin’s office and the one dressed as “Queen Georjeanna”? You’ll have to wait for the next installment of The Legend of the Pink Flamingo.