The Human Development Diversity Course: Why Isn’t It Showing Up in SIS?

Attention all Human Development majors! Those of you who declared your major under the 2007-08 catalog or later have to complete a “diversity course.” Essentially, that means that you have to complete an additional class from the Ethnic Studies or World Culture General Education lists (beyond those you took to complete Gen Ed and not including PSYCH 440). Confused? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, SIS hasn’t quite figured this one out, either. In fact, it can’t. So…even if you have completed your additional diversity course, that slot will show up on your Degree Progress Report as unfulfilled. If you believe you have finished the requirement, please talk to your Human Development advisor. Then, either you or your advisor can contact the Registrar’s Office and ask them to manually enter the course into that slot. Please be patient, though. There are a lot of Human Development students – and that makes for quite a bit of work for an already-busy Registrar’s Office!