Summer Classes Still Available

We first mentioned summer classes last October when it seemed like summer was never going to get here.  We’re back at it, though, at a time when the weather makes us feel like summer has come and gone.

 As you probably know, registration for summer classes has been up and running since January.  There are still some sections open for both Psychology and Human Development, though, so take a look. 

 Here’s what is being offered:

 Community Sciences: COMM SCI 205 Social Science Statistics

 Human Development: Introduction to Human Development; Infancy and Early Childhood; Middle Childhood and Adolescence; Dying, Death, and Loss (in person); Developmental Psychobiology; Family Development

 Psychology: Drugs and Behavior (in person); Social Psychology; Psychology of Women; Psychology of Cognitive Processes; Psychology of Emotion; Abnormal Psychology

 Note that all of these classes are expected to be Internet/Online unless “in person” is specified. Most are offered through our departments (not Adult Degree), so you won’t need to be one of their students to register as you do in Fall and Spring. Just make sure the section number begins with a “0.” If not, you may need permission from an Adult Degree instructor to register for the class.