Summer Classes and Summer Registration: Plan Ahead, Get Ahead, and Register NOW!

This message comes to you from Dr. Wilson-Doenges, who reminds everyone that the time to think about summer is now! Not just the weather – but summer classes, too! Here is the list of courses Human Development and Psychology are offering online, hybrid, and in-person this summer. Note that two of the Psychology classes (Psychology of Emotion and Organizational and Personnel Psychology) will not be taught this fall, so summer is your last chance to take these courses in 2011. Registration for summer is now open, and classes are filling up!


HUM DEV 353: Family Development (4W2, afternoons, Dr. Denise Bartell)

PSYCH 438: Counseling Across the Lifespan (4W1, mornings, Dr. Kristin Vespia)

PSYCH 415: Organizational and Personnel Psychology (4W1, HYBRID, afternoons, Dr. David Radosevich)


COMM SCI 205: Social Science Statistics (6W1, Dr. Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges)

HUM DEV 210: Introduction to Human Development (6W1, Dr. Dean VonDras)

HUM DEV 331: Infancy and Early Childhood (4W1, Dr. Melissa Schnurr)

HUM DEV 332: Middle Childhood and Adolescence (4W1, Dr. Lloyd Noppe)

PSYCH 401: Psychology of Women (4W2, Dr. Christine Smith)

PSYCH 417: Psychology of Cognitive Processes  (6W1, Dr. Jennifer Zapf)

PSYCH 424: Psychology of Emotion (6W1, Dr. Ryan Martin)

PSYCH 435: Abnormal Psychology (4W1, Dr. Ryan Martin)

Please note that all of the classes listed above are offered through our department and are open to students who meet the basic pre-requisites. Other PSYCH and HUM DEV classes listed on the summer schedule (i.e., those with section numbers that begin with a “1”) are offered through the Adult Degree program and are restricted to their students (at least initially). If you wish to enroll in those, you will have to request special permission from the instructor and from the Adult Degree program.