Study Family Development In London This Summer

This summer Prof. Denise Bartell, as well as Humanistic Studies Profs. Caroline Boswell and Christopher Martin, will offer a 3 week travel course to London. The course will examine the development of the family in London from an interdisciplinary perspective that draws from the fields of history, human development, philosophy, and the humanities. We will explore how practices of courtship, the making of marriage, parental duties and responsibilities, and the experience of childhood both influenced social, religious, cultural and political transformations in modern London, but also how these transformations affected family life. Students will also, through a series of excursions and directed free-time, experience and critically reflect upon contemporary life in London. This 3 credit Human Development course can be used to fulfill your World Culture General Education requirement, and is a wonderful opportunity to travel to one of the most exciting cities in the world and take a uniquely interdisciplinary course on the family. We plan to hold at least one informational session about the travel course in November, but if you have questions about the course before then please contact Profs. Bartell, Boswell, or Martin or the Office of International Education.