Study Break: Enter the Baby Picture Trivia Contest and Win a FREE T-Shirt!

The secret editors of The Pink Flamingo have been working hard to think of a way to help you prepare for those upcoming final exams. Our answer was to provide you with a fun distraction and a way to practice your test-taking skills.  That’s right, hone your test-taking skills with the First Annual Human Development Baby Picture Matching Contest

Click here to see what cute kids we were and reach the survey. Take your best guesses. The person who gets the most correct answers (and successfully navigates our host of tie-breakers) wins a Psychology and Human Development Club T-Shirt.  Make sure to enter your name and email address at the end so we can give you your shirt if you are the winner. Results will be revealed on Wednesday, December 19th.

The contest is now closed. You can view the results at:

Thank you for entering!