Student News to Celebrate

We’ve been neglecting our duties of late, and it’s been awhile since we included a story celebrating all of the wonderful things our students have done. Here’s a sampling of just some of those amazing accomplishments. Congratulations to all!

  • The top 3 Experimental Psychology posters were awarded during the December poster session.  First place went to Diana Delbecchi, Amanda Emberson, Rebecca McCabe, and Jazmin Thomas for their project on the effects of chewing gum on memory.  Second place went to Panhia Lor, Andrew Palmbach, and Greg Weiland for their project on the effects of an audience on performance.  Third place went to Casey Calhoun, Laura Hamer, Amanda Hart, and Emily Kunze for their project on the effects of cell phone distractions on learning. 
  • Amanda Brodhagen and recent graduates Katie Von Holzen and Kirstin Thompson were awarded scholarships to attend the Annual Conference of the Association for Death Education and Counseling in Kansas City, MO, April 7 – 10, 2010. Katie will be presenting a poster on her research on humor and death. 
  • Several students will be making presentations in August at the national convention of the American Psychological Association in San Diego, CA. Amanda Luedtke and Andrew Blonigen are co-authors with Dr. Kris Vespia on a presentation about education and cultural competence.  Kristie Kaczmarek and Mandy Degeneffe are co-authors with Dr. Regan Gurung on presentations about body image.  Finally, recent alums Janet Weidert and Angie Roethal-Wendorf will be presenting at a symposium with Dr. Gurung on the benefits of being an undergraduate TA. 
  • Last, but not least, recent alum Katie Von Holzen and Dr. Jennifer Zapf will have a poster on the use of grammatical markers in the German language at the 2010 Annual Convention of the American Psychological Society in May in Boston, MA.