Special Pink Flamingo News Bulletin: Trivia Winner Announced!

Congrats to both Sarah Winter and Amanda Ten Haken for correctly matching five of the eight faculty members with their New Year’s Resolutions.  We had to consult The Pink Flamingo Trivia Contest Rule Book to find out how to deal with ties and were surprised to find out that we must either (A) hold a dance-off during graduation between the two contestants or (B) flip a coin.  After careful deliberation, we decided on option B, and the winner of the coin toss was Sarah. 


Nice work to both of you and thanks to all who participated. See below for the correct answers. 

Dr. Burns: To eat at home more so that my son stops naming his favorite dish at every restaurant we drive by.

Dr. Martin: To buy myself an outbreak suit so I can still hug my son without catching every virus that makes its way through the infant room at his daycare.

Dr. Vespia: To train my cat to sign waiver forms.

Dr. Illene Noppe: To convert all my lectures to hip hop.

Dr. Gurung: To be able to understand how to operate the technology I own to at least 60% of their potential.  Is that too much to ask?

Dr. Zapf: To do my best to ensure my children do not swallow any more coins.

Dr. Bartell: To refrain from analyzing the behaviors of couples at nearby tables when I’m out with friends at bars or restaurants.

Dr. Wilson-Doenges: To give out raisins (“nature’s candy”) next year for Halloween to avoid the temptation of eating the hundreds of leftover Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups I had this year.