September Trivia Contest: Introducing On-Line Submissions

As some of you know, each issue has two trivia questions: Faculty Trivia and HUD/PSYCH Trivia.  Students can enter each of these contests for a chance at various prizes worth up to 100 cents.  This month, however, we introduce our brand new on-line trivia answer submission form.  That’s right, students no longer have to make the long walk up to the C-Wing of MAC Hall because Fame and Glory is literally one click away (but if you want to make the long walk, please do, as we would love to see you).

  • Faculty Trivia: Which faculty member has been driving his/her colleagues “pipistrello-í” (translation: “batty”) by practicing newly-acquired skills in conversational Italian language?

  • HUD/PSYCH Trivia: What are the 5 elements that need to be in balance to promote positive “chi” according to Feng Shui philosophy?

To enter the trivia contest, just click the link provided and submit your answers.

Submit Trivia Answers