Same Adviser, New SIS

We know you loved the ease of the Degree Progress Report, but we think you might love the new look for SIS even more. If you click on your academic requirements link in SIS, you will be able to determine which of your requirements have been met (right-pointing green arrow) and which still need to be fulfilled (downward green arrow). What’s really neat, though, is that it’s much easier to see what you need to do. SIS now tells you what courses would meet your missing requirements, and you can even click on links to see more information about the class. Now you can sit back and dream of the day your SIS page is full of right-pointing green arrows.  Can’t wait that long?  The wish list feature has been replaced by the My Planner feature. Instead of just planning out next semester’s classes, the My Planner feature allows you to plan out future semesters, see if there are any prereqs for your future classes, and when they are generally offered (fall/spring). (Planning doesn’t mean that you have actually registered for those classes, though!) Don’t forget that while SIS may have changed, your adviser hasn’t. Your Psychology/Human Development adviser remains the same from semester to semester. We do try to age gracefully.