Sabbatical Plans for Professors Regan Gurung and Illene Noppe

Also announced in our last issue were the upcoming sabbatical leaves of Drs. Regan Gurung and Illene Noppe. Both will be pursuing exciting plans during their time away from campus.

Dr. Gurung hopes to spend most of the Fall writing in Green Bay while also concluding responsibilities as President of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology. He will then be leaving for New Zealand, where he has been invited to the University of Auckland to do workshops and share research on teaching and learning. He will take a short side trip to Australia, where he has another invitation to do work at the University of Melbourne. If all goes well, he will be able to do some cultural exploring in Fiji on the way home. The year away will allow him to complete some major writing projects, and he will have a wealth of information to share in the classroom when he returns!

Dr. Illene Noppe’s sabbatical plans for the Fall 2011 semester also have a decidedly international flair. Dr. Noppe is hoping to continue her research on college student bereavement at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa (check it out!).  She plans on spending about a month during the early Fall collecting and analyzing data that could be used to compare to the bereavement experiences of American college students (especially those here at UW-Green Bay).  While she is in South Africa, Dr. Noppe also plans to offer workshops and/or short term courses in  Dying, Death and Bereavement; travel around this beautiful country; and finalize plans to bring another group of students to South Africa for the Human Development in South Africa short-term travel course (most likely to take place in May 2012).  In addition, Dr. Noppe will continue to prepare to assume the Presidency of the Association for Death Education and  Counseling in 2012, finish up other pending projects and see what she is like with more than five hours of sleep a night (truly a scary thought!).