Research and Teaching Assistant Want Ads for Fall 2008

Looking for a Research or Teaching Assistantship for the Fall semester? All of the faculty members listed below need help (but you probably knew that already…).

  • Dr. Kate Burns is currently accepting applications for RAs to work on research related to stereotyping and emotion. Please send her an email or stop by her office if you are interested in getting more information on and/or applying for these positions.

  • Dr. Regan Gurung is looking for Research Assistants for the Fall to work on projects related to 1) impression formation, body image, & clothing 2) teaching and learning. Independent projects and Honors on the same will also be entertained.

  • Dr. Dennis Lorenz is looking for 2-3 Teaching Assistants to help him present his fall course: Introduction to Psychology 102. Students should be Psychology majors of junior or, preferably, senior standing. They should have a 3.35 GPA or higher and have completed most or all of the courses required for the Psychology major. They must be willing to perform assigned TA duties, to present a 50 minute lecture on a topic of their choice, to read the textbook, and to attend each class, which meets MWF from 12:45-1:40 p.m. in Rose Hall 250. If you want to pursue this opportunity, contact Dr. Lorenz to tell him how you fit the criteria and why you would be a good TA.

  • Dr. Ryan Martin is looking for Research Assistants to help him work on projects related to anger. Eligibility includes junior standing or higher, completion of Introductory Psychology, and a GPA. of 3.00 or higher. Preference will be given to those students who have taken a course in research methods. If interested, contact Dr. Martin at and he will send you an application.

  • Dr. Illene Noppe is currently accepting applications for Research Assistants to work on research related to death and dying. Prior class work in HUM DEV 344, “Dying, Death, & Loss” is required. Please send her an email or stop by her office if you are interested in getting more information on and/or applying for this position.

  • Dr. Christine Smith, one of our new faculty members, is looking for 4 Teaching Assistants for her large (250 student) section of Intro to Psychology which meets TTH from 11:00 a.m.-12:20 p.m. If you are interested, please contact Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges for an application.

  • Dr. Kris Vespia is looking for 1-2 Research Assistants to help with a national survey project examining the mental health services provided on college campuses. Applicants should have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above and be of junior standing or higher in the Fall. It is best if they have also completed Experimental Psychology or another research methods course. Contact Dr. Vespia ( if you would like an application.

  • Dr. Jill White is looking for 1 Teaching Assistant for HUM DEV 342 “Cross Cultural Human Development” and for 2-3 Research Assistants. There are opportunities to assist with a survey (ERLP) about music and identity and an ethnographic research study in the local Latino community. Interested parties should visit her blog:

  • Dr. Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges is looking for 1 Research Assistant to work on an applied research project on the design of the Learning Commons in the Cofrin Library. The student will be responsible for designing a survey and collecting data on preferences for use of the space, and for researching potential design ideas. All applicants must have taken Social Science Statistics and Environmental Psychology. Please see Georjeanna for an application.