Registration Reminders

As you’re planning your schedule for next semester, we’d like to remind you to take the statistics and research methods courses (Experimental Psychology, Developmental Research Methods) as early as you can.  These courses not only provide a strong foundation for your later coursework, they also help you understand the jokes in our 4th hint about the new Editor’s identity. In addition, as a psychology major or minor, many of the upper-level courses require the statistics and research method courses as prerequisites.  Since this will be the second year these prereqs have been in place, we will not be offering concurrent enrollment waivers as we have done in previous semesters.  One potential exception to the research methods requirement will be for those students who declared a minor in psychology in 2009 or earlier and find they cannot complete the Social/Personality requirement because of the pre-requisites.  In this case, you should contact the course instructor about a possible waiver.