Questions or Concerns about Registration: See Your Advisor

Here’s an interesting fact…each of you has an advisor in the Human Development and/or Psychology Department.  Even more interesting… your advisor can help you choose classes, make decisions about graduate school, and even help you with general plans for your life after UW-Green Bay. 

Four things you should know about meeting with your advisor.  (1) You can find out who your advisor is by looking on SIS.  When you log in, it’s in the lower right corner of the first page.  (2) Right now is an excellent time to meet with him or her as they can help you make important decisions about the courses you take in preparation for graduation.  (3) To set up a meeting with your advisor, first check his or her office hours to see if you can meet them during that time.  If you can’t meet during that time, contact him or her to see if you can find another time that works for both of you.  (4) The more prepared you are, the more your advisor can help you.  Before you go see him or her, give some thought to the classes you are going to take and outline specific questions you might have.