Psi Chi News: Dinner and a Free Lunch!

First, there will be a dinner at Victoria’s (on Bay Settlement Road) on Wednesday, November 12th at 7:00pm. This is an informational and networking dinner for students who received invitations or are already in Psi Chi. The dinner will be a great opportunity to see some of the other individuals who received invitations, as well as those who are already involved.  It will also be a great place to get to know about Psi Chi as well as the people involved in it. Those attending should RSVP to (Brian Bar-Psi Chi President) by Monday, November 10th (11:59pm).

Second, consider the upcoming Free Candidate Lunches! Three candidates for a new Human Development position will be visiting UWGB in November.  ALL students are invited to their Research Presentations (watch for titles, times, and locations).  Psi Chi will be organizing lunches with the candidates. All PSYCH/HUM DEV students are welcome, but there is space for only 5-6 students per candidate, so email if you would be interested in joining. It’s a free lunch and a chance to chat with our prospective new faculty members.

Finally, the Jingle Bell Run is Dec. 6th.  Psi Chi is looking to put a team together for the run/walk fundraiser, and we need at least 10 people on the team to do so.  Registration is due on November 12th, so please email us if you are interested as soon as possible.  If you are interested in being a part of this opportunity, or have any questions about Psi Chi’s team for this event, please email Natalie Bressers at

For more Psi Chi info please see: or email Brian Bar (