Psi Chi: A Message from the President, Becky Senn

Upcoming Events:

  • Next meeting is MONDAY, APRIL 7TH at 4-5 pm in Mac 201. We will be featuring a guest speaker Christina who will talk about jobs relating to non-profit organizations and fundraising
  • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9TH at 3-5:30 pm in Phoenix Rooms Senior Resource Fair: Stop by and order your Psi Chi cords! Only $15
  • THURSDAY, APRIL 17TH at 6-8pm in Mac 204 is the Call Me Crazy movie premiere courtesy of the National Alliance on Mental Illness

Volunteer Opportunities:

Other News:

  • Towards the end of April we will be having a grad school panel where you can ask graduating seniors what the process is like and learn the best tips for when you start applying!
  • MPA: If you are interested in attending MPA (May 1st-3rd) and carpooling/making arrangements with Psi Chi, contact Becky Senn ASAP (