Pink Flamingos in the News: A PF Legal Team Investigation

In our never-ending quest to bring you all news flamingo-related, our cracker-jack lead investigative reporter recently used her world-class journalism skills to do a Google news search for “flamingos.” What did she find? A group in Ohio is dressing up plastic flamingos – just like we do here at UW-Green Bay – just like the flamingos that have provided the inspiration for our beloved newsletter! (see story and photos at Sure, they’re using the flamingos to raise money and awareness for breast cancer, a great charitable cause, and we’re using ours for…well…our own amusement. Nevertheless, although most people would read the heart-warming story and be inspired, we here at the PF began to wonder who else might have this fantastic idea. Might people try to steal our thunder or challenge our unique place in the world? Worse yet, what if they make flamingos that are cuter than ours??? The answer came to us immediately: establish flamingo-relevant humor, flamingo-related journalism, plastic flamingos, and even real flamingos as our intellectual property. We consulted with the team of attorneys we have on retainer, and they had bad news. In their so-called “legal opinion,” we have no case because the blog isn’t our property, and there isn’t anything remotely intellectual about it. Undeterred, we are considering sending cease and desist orders to all those who owe their fame and fortune to us for clearly being the first to bring attention to pink flamingos through our internationally-recognized blog. You know – Taco Flamingo, the San Diego Zoo, the Audubon Society, and even the state of Florida. We’ll let you know what the lawyers have to say about that one.

Seriously, though, can you believe someone else had the idea of dressing up plastic flamingos? Maybe you’re going to have to stop making those jokes about how strange your faculty members are.