New Student Organization Supports College Students Who Are Grieving

UW-Green Bay now has its own chapter of National Students of AMF: Support Network (NSAMF)!  This national organization is designed to provide support for college students with an ailing or deceased loved one.  Recent survey data on our campus has indicated that 47% of our student body has suffered the loss of a loved within the past 24 months.  Many of our bereaved fellow students are isolated and have to continue their studies unsupported and alone.  Our new organization not only will have student-led support groups, but a Service Learning component open to everyone who wants to help fight life-threatening illnesses and be involved in other projects serving the needs of bereaved in our community.  We are in the process of building membership and would like your help.  Contact Kirstin Thompson (, Tasha Weinfurtner ( or Illene Noppe ( for additional information.