New Course for Spring 2008: Public Policy Across the Life Span

Dr. Dean Rodeheaver’s return has made it possible for Human Development to offer Public Policy Across the Life Span (HUM DEV 483G) for the first time this Spring. Take advantage of this exciting offering which will count as an upper-level elective for the Human Development major or minor, and read on for more information about the class.

“Could health care be better designed by a Human Development major?  Has Social Security forever changed the way we think of growing older?  This new course attempts to integrate student expertise in human development theory and research with an understanding of social issues, public policy, and social programs.  Throughout the course, the focus will be on two questions:  How closely are public policies and programs based on research on human development?  How do public policies and programs shape our conceptions of the life span?  Since we are entering an election season, two timely policy issues will be included as examples: health care policies for mothers and children and age-based policies and programs for the elderly (Social Security and Medicare). The course will also include guests from various social agencies and require students to conduct an in-depth examination of a social issue they choose.”