February 15, 2011; Volume 5, Issue 5

Valentine’s Day may have passed, but we here at The Pink Flamingo believe in Valentine’s week. After all, why should relationships only be celebrated on one measly day? Besides, there’s lots of love in the air these days–for the victorious Green Bay Packers, for the (at least brief) return of above-freezing temperatures, for upcoming midterms…

Okay, so maybe we’re pushing it with that last one. However, what’s not to love about a relationship-themed issue of your favorite departmental newsletter? You’ll find all the news and a great Top Ten list below!

P/HD Club: A Message from the President, Kaitlyn Florer

Psi Chi: A Message from the President, Amanda Luedtke

Career Tip of the Month: Attend the Spring Job & Internship Fair

Careers of the Month: February 2011 Edition

Summer Classes and Summer Registration: Plan Ahead, Get Ahead, and Register NOW!

Grad School Tip of the Month: Investigate the “New GRE”

Good Student News

Did You Know…?

Human Development Abroad: A Travel Course to South Africa

Holiday-Themed Top Ten