Internships: A Student Perspective

In what we hope will become a new regular Pink Flamingo feature, we bring you our first “Student Perspective” article. Emily Kotecki, a Human Development and Psychology double-major, graciously agreed to let us interview her about her internship experience. What follows aren’t exact quotes from Emily (our tape-recorder was broken that day), but she tells us it’s close enough.

1. Where are you doing your internship?
At Golden House [Editor’s Note: a local domestic violence agency and shelter]

2. How did you find out about the internship and go about getting it?
I talked with a student who had interned there in the past, and she said it was a great experience, so I looked on their website for more information and then sent their volunteer coordinator an application.

3. What kinds of things do you get to do on your internship?
I get to do room checks, go to court, assist with restraining orders, help with the women’s and children’s support groups, observe intakes, create bulletin boards in the shelter, talk to women in shelter, and answer Helpline calls.

4. How do you think the internship relates to what you have learned in your classes?
It relates a lot to my Infancy and Early Childhood and Middle Childhood and Adolescence classes and what we learn about how what happens in childhood can influence you later. I also learned about the power of violence in my Health Psychology class…What’s great is that I get to see information from many classes in a real-life setting.

5. How important has this internship been to your educational experience at UWGB, and why?
This experience really helped me to form ideas about different career options (e.g., court services, social work) and learn about the direction I want to go.

Emily’s interview provides insight about her great internship, but there are many possibilities! Investigate options in our internship file drawer, which is located next to Dr. Bartell’s office (and which contains brief student reaction papers about their experiences). You can also view some potential sites on the Human Development website. Remember, we do not place students in internships. You also need to find a faculty sponsor for your internship before you interview for an internship. There are prerequisites for doing an internship, including Junior standing, at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA (a 3.25 in upper-level major classes), and instructor consent. Learn more about requirements and prerequisites on the Psychology website.