Graduate School Tip of the Month: Read More about Selecting and Applying to Grad School

One way to learn more about the graduate school application process and how to approach the search for the right schools and programs is to use the resources available to you on campus. One place you will find more information is in the hallway of the C Wing on the 3rd floor of MAC Hall. There is a bookcase located between the offices of Dr. Martin and Dr. Wilson-Doenges that contains a variety of books related to the graduate school application process and the GRE, as well as books that provide information about specific graduate programs, particularly in psychology. The books cannot be “checked out,” but there are comfortable chairs next to the bookcase, so you can take a seat and read more right there! Another great resource for students is the “Selecting and Applying to Graduate Schools Guide” available from Career Services. Remember, knowledge is power – so take advantage of these resources and learn more today!