Grad School Tip of the Month: Investigate the New (Yes, New) GRE

As a belated Valentine, or possibly an early President’s Day gift, the good people at Educational Testing Services are bringing you something new this year: a revised version of the GRE General Test. They will begin giving the new test on August 1, 2011, and they will be offering half-price registration for those who take the test in August and September.

This development means that most of you applying to graduate school next year will face this new test, not the old version. You can learn more about the planned changes on the GRE website, but please remember that it will be important not to use old preparation books (e.g., don’t use your roommate’s book from last year). Please also know that it is important to do some preparation for this test. It is not something you want to approach without any familiarity with the exam, its format, and the computerized testing environment. Many students also find devoting substantial study time to be helpful. Drs. Martin and Vespia have traditionally conducted a brief GRE information session in late April or early May, and they hope to do so again this year. Please watch your email and future issues of the PF for details on the date(s), time(s), and location.