Grad School Tip of the Month: Attend the Spring Graduate School Series

We usually offer a series of fall talks dedicated to the graduate school process. We’re excited to announce we will be offering a spring series for the first time, as well. Dr. Martin and Dr. Burns will present on the basics of graduate school (how to apply, get in, etc.). This talk is aimed at first and second year students, but all are welcome to attend. They presented this talk in the fall semester, but are hoping to reach a larger audience by presenting it twice a year. We also are excited to offer a first-ever panel discussion of graduating seniors who will be attending graduate school in the fall. They will be talking about their own experiences with the graduate school process to give you some great tips straight from the source. Finally, we will be presenting a session on how to study for the GRE (the test you will likely need to take if you want to go on to graduate school). We will let you know the dates and panelists for these events when they become available, so stay tuned!