Faculty Trivia (February 2007)

Faculty Trivia: Which faculty member was the star of his or her 4th grade basketball team and scored 23 points in a game against arch-rival Otwell, Indiana?

Answer: Although Dr. L. Noppe was a good guess (he is 6’2” after all), Kristen Kratcha (yeah, Kristen!) was able to figure out that the faculty member who scored 23 points for her 4th grade basketball team was none other than Dr. Vespia! Known then by her elementary school nickname (“Too-Tall Vespia”), she wishes to assure readers that her success had nothing to do with coordination or athletic skill. She was simply a 5 foot, 5 inch 4th grader who could shoot lay-ups over the heads of her peers (who were about a half-foot shorter). She played competitive basketball into her high school years, and she remains an avid fan of the college game (You should expect her to be a bit distracted – yes, even more than usual – throughout March Madness.).