Changes to Human Development and Psychology Internship Policies

We have modified our internship policies and tried to clarify the internship process for students. Here’s an overview of the major changes. In order to complete an internship in Human Development or Psychology, you must be a declared major in Human Development or Psychology. You will need to find a faculty member willing to sponsor your internship before you contact a site about a possible internship. Finally, internships must be new learning experiences (not at your existing job or volunteer site).  So your long-term lemonade stand job is probably not going to cut it… We have also tried to provide more detail about the process you should follow if you want to obtain an internship. For more details, check out the links on the Human Development or Psychology webpages. Please also be aware that if you are thinking about an internship for the spring semester, registration time for spring classes (early November) is the best time to talk with faculty members about that. It can be difficult to find a faculty sponsor just prior to the beginning of a new semester.