April 7, 2014; Volume 8, Issue 3

Here is the April 2014 edition of the human development and psychology online newsletter. We know you never miss an issue. This month you will find helpful information about registering for classes, a new faculty member in Human Development, career options, available scholarships, upcoming events, and more. Check out the headlines below:

  • Psi Chi: A Message from the President, Becky Senn
  • Psychology and Human Development (P/HD) Club: A Message from the President, Taylor Saari
  • Meet Our Newest Faculty Member: Joel Muraco
  • Recycling Registration Resources
  • Sociology/Anthropology Options for Human Development Majors
  • Considering a Research Assistantship, Teaching Assistantship, or Internship? Check Out the Department Want Ads
  • Did you know…to take Methods right after Stats?
  • Career/Graduate School Tip of the Month: Increase Your Marketable Skills with Wise Course Selection
  • Career Profile of the Month: April 2014 Edition
  • Scholarship Opportunities for Human Development and Psychology Majors
  • UW-Green Bay Psychology T-Shirts on Sale

February 25th, 2014; Volume 8, Issue 2

That’s right, your favorite flamingo-themed, interdisciplinary, departmental newsletter is back.  This month, updates from the student orgs, great student news, career/grad school tips and tricks, and some “interesting” facts about your faculty. 

Psychology and Human Development Club: A Message From the President, Taylor Saari

Psi Chi: A Message From the President, Becky Senn

Connect with the Psychology Department on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Student News: Posters in the Rotunda and Psi Chi

Career & Graduate School Tips of the Month: Take 3 Concrete Steps for your Future Today

Did You Know…You should do research for your job/grad school applications and interviews?

Career Profile of the Month: February 2014 Edition

Getting to Know Your Faculty: Their Favorite Movies are….

Summer and Fall Registration

New Want Ads Postings

KaNisha Flemming – Memorial Events

October 29, 2013; Volume 8, Issue 1

Welcome to our special registration issue of The Pink Flamingo!  Read on to avoid ghostly surprises and spine-chilling frights for your spring registration.  We’re healthier than candy too!

“I should have read The Pink Flamingo…”

Why can’t I register for a class?: Look at the section number

Recycling Registration Resources

Psych and Hum Dev Offered over January Interim Session

Considering a Research Assistantship, Teaching Assistantship, or Internship? Check Out the Department Want Ads

What is Camp Lloyd?

News and Events from Psi Chi/PHD Club presidents Becky Senn and Taylor Saari

Psychology and Human Development (PHD) Club Update

Dr. Kate Burns is new Chair of Human Development

Dr. Jennifer Lanter is new CATL Director

Welcome Dr. Sawa Senzaki!

Career & Graduate School Tips of the Month: Investigate New Resources

Did you know…to take gen ed courses now?

Volunteer Opportunity: Student United Way

St. John’s is currently accepting resumes for the position of Volunteer Coordinator at St. John’s Shelter. This position offers 25 hours/week during the shelter season and 8 hours/week in the summer months. Continue reading

March 26, 2013; Volume 7, Issue 4

No, you didn’t miss our typical “welcome to the new semester issue” in January. We are ashamed to admit there wasn’t one; in fact, this is our first issue of the spring semester. Yes, your editors have been delinquent, so allow us to welcome you back from winter break, send our best wishes that spring decides to arrive at some point, remind you of our summer 2013 class offerings, and prepare you for fall 2013 registration. How’s that for an issue for all seasons! Yes, we know – pretty lame, but we’re down an editor with Dr. Burns on sabbatical, and we have quickly discovered she is the wind beneath this particular flamingo’s wings. Without further delay, here’s our special registration issue.

  • Special News Alert: Some University-Level Registration Issues
  • Breaking News: Psychology Course Changes for Fall
  • Hot Off the Presses: Human Development Registration Updates
  • Recycling Registration Resources
  • Don’t Forget Summer Classes
  • PHD Club and Psi Chi Update
  • Welcome Brenda Beck
  • Scholarship Applications Due this Week!
  • Did You Know… about Our Departmental Want Ads?
  • Student Good News
  • Career of the Month: Another Alumni Profile

Welcome Brenda Beck

You may have noticed a new smiling face in MAC C310. Please join us in welcoming Brenda Beck, our wonderful new full-time Academic Department Associate and office manager, is the person who can help direct you to faculty offices in the C wing, assist you with Psi Chi membership checks and honor cords, and much, much more. She comes to us with significant experience at the University, including with the Phuture Phoenix program. Welcome, Brenda!!

December 14, 2012; Volume 7, Issue 3

We almost made it! We are almost there. Yes, the end of the semester is upon us. Before you enjoy your graduation or semester break, though, please enjoy the last 2012 offering of your favorite newsletter, The Pink Flamingo

  • Congratulations, December Graduates
  • And More Congratulations…to University Award Winners
  • And Even More Congratulations…to the Experimental Psych Poster Session Winners
  • The Pink Flamingo Mailbag
  • So…Enjoy Your Winter “Break”!

Congratulations, December Graduates

 On behalf of the entire faculty, we want to sincerely congratulate our December graduates. This is a momentous occasion and one we hope you take some time to enjoy and reflect upon. You have accomplished so much in earning your college degree, and we know it has meant sacrifices, sleeplessness nights, and more along the way. Know that our good wishes are with you as you cross the stage, and you’ll probably even see the HUM DEV and PSYCH faculty standing and clapping as our majors receive their diplomas. Keep in touch!!

November 2, 2012; Volume 7, Issue

It’s what you’ve been waiting for: our never-to-be-missed all Registration-themed issue of your favorite newsletter. That’s correct; soon you’ll be able to register for Spring 2013 classes, and summer and warm breezes will be here before you know it – right? Please tell us we’re right. Then, read on!

  • Breaking News: How Avoid Error Messages and Registration Frustration with Internet Courses
  • Registration Update: Fulfilling the Anthropology/Sociology Requirement for the HUM DEV major
  • News and Events from the Psychology and Human Development Club and Psi Chi: A Message from the Presidents, Areanna Lakowske and Molly Swenty
  • Considering a Research Assistantship, Teaching Assistantship, or Internship?  Check Out the Department Want Ads
  • Study the Experience of Childhood in Jordan this Summer
  • Study Family Development In London This Summer
  • Faculty Reflections: Best Non-Major Class
  • Did you know…about January interim (Winterim) courses?
  • Careers of the Month: November 2012 Edition
  • Searching for another Human Development Professor
  • Recycling Registration Resources
  • The Pink Flamingo Mailbag

Searching for another Human Development Professor

We are searching to find a professor to replace Dr. Melissa Schnurr, who is now working for the Iowa Department of Education.  Those are big shoes to fill, but we’d like your help!  You may have different professor candidates teach one of your classes, go to lunch with you, and/or give a presentation on their research.  Your feedback is vital to this process so we’d like to hear what you think.  We will send out more details about these opportunities as they become available.

October 5, 2012; Volume 7, Issue 1

Welcome to the new academic year! Okay, so we’re more than a month late in that greeting. The great thing about writing your own newsletter, though, is that you get to set your own deadlines. Don’t you wish your professors would let you do that in class? They won’t, you know, but allow yourself to dream for a moment before arriving at that bitter realization. Then, read on to find out more about Human Development’s new website, the Grad School Series happening in October, what career advice one of our proud graduates wants to share with you, and much, much more! 

  • News and Events from the Psychology and Human Development Club: A Message from the President, Areanna Lakowske
  • News and Events from Psi Chi: A Message from the President, Molly Swenty
  • Graduate School Series Starts This Month – Don’t Miss These Important Sessions
  • Career and Graduate School Tip of the Month: Visit the Website and Get Involved
  • Career of the Month: New Alumni Profile Feature
  • Camp Lloyd Counselor Applications and Information Sessions
  • Did you know…About Courses Outside your Major or Minor?
  • Travel Courses: A Student Perspective
  • Top 5 Ways this Newsletter would be Different if it were Written by “Replacement Editors”