HUD/PSYCH Trivia Results (November 2007)

Who won last month’s contest and will be immortalized as a trivia genius on the World Wide Web (and get a candy bar)? Read on to find out!

Question: Which lobe of the brain is believed to play the most significant role in judgment and decision-making? 

Answer: We actually had in mind “the frontal lobe” as the answer to this question, but student Shanna Sanford responded with “Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex,” and it sounded so impressive that we just had to give her credit. We may have to get an official ruling from Dr. Lorenz before we award the candy bar, but congratulations, Shanna, on showing up your professors!

Faculty Trivia Results (November 2007)

Question: Which faculty member helped to support herself through college by serving as the culinary artist (i.e., cook) for a fraternity house at an Ivy League school? 

Answer: Nobody managed a correct answer to this question even after we eliminated about half of your options by using “herself” in the question! We’re not giving up, though. Having the correct answer to this question will now be the tie-breaker on the Human Development Baby Picture Matching Contest.


HUD/PSYCH Trivia Results (October 2007)

Who receives this month’s helping of fame and candy? Read on for October’s trivia answers and winners!

Question: When a member of a group is worried about being judged according to a stereotype, this can negatively affect his or her performance.  What do social psychologists call this phenomenon?
Answer: Brittany Broder is not just our featured Research Assistant. She is also one of several students who knew (not surprisingly given her work with Dr. Burns) that stereotype threat is when there is a negative stereotype about one’s own group.  Individuals feel the threat of being evaluated according to the stereotype, which negatively impacts their performance.  For example, women will underperform on a math test if they are worried that they are being judged according to the women and math stereotype.  Great job Brittany!

Faculty Trivia Results (October 2007)

Question: Which faculty member, based on his or her performance at PHD Club’s Cold Stone Fundraiser, is clearly not lactose intolerant?
Answer: So, it would seem that a lot of students must know about Dr. Martin’s now infamous Cold Stone Creamery eating performance.  However, Robyn Gabel answered this one well with her submission (and commentary), “Dr. Martin!  I have never seen someone eat so much ice cream and not be sick!”  We haven’t either, Robyn.  Dr. Martin wanted readers to know that it isn’t just ice cream he can eat in mass quantities.  It’s pizza, bratwurst, Taco Bell…pretty much anything that doesn’t have mushrooms, almonds, or peas.