Special Pink Flamingo News Bulletin: Trivia Winner Announced!

Congrats to both Sarah Winter and Amanda Ten Haken for correctly matching five of the eight faculty members with their New Year’s Resolutions.  We had to consult The Pink Flamingo Trivia Contest Rule Book to find out how to deal with ties and were surprised to find out that we must either (A) hold a dance-off during graduation between the two contestants or (B) flip a coin.  After careful deliberation, we decided on option B, and the winner of the coin toss was Sarah. 


Nice work to both of you and thanks to all who participated. See below for the correct answers. 

Dr. Burns: To eat at home more so that my son stops naming his favorite dish at every restaurant we drive by.

Dr. Martin: To buy myself an outbreak suit so I can still hug my son without catching every virus that makes its way through the infant room at his daycare.

Dr. Vespia: To train my cat to sign waiver forms.

Dr. Illene Noppe: To convert all my lectures to hip hop.

Dr. Gurung: To be able to understand how to operate the technology I own to at least 60% of their potential.  Is that too much to ask?

Dr. Zapf: To do my best to ensure my children do not swallow any more coins.

Dr. Bartell: To refrain from analyzing the behaviors of couples at nearby tables when I’m out with friends at bars or restaurants.

Dr. Wilson-Doenges: To give out raisins (“nature’s candy”) next year for Halloween to avoid the temptation of eating the hundreds of leftover Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups I had this year.  

Faculty-Resolution Matching:

Earn Yourself a Candy Bar (we were going to offer a MN Vikings Brett Favre jersey but decided the candy bar had greater value)

We know it’s a bit early, but some of us have been giving some serious (or not-so-serious) thought to what we want to change about ourselves in 2011.  At the link below you will find several New Year’s resolutions and your job is to match each resolution with the faculty member who endorsed it.  The winner is the student who gets the most correct (in the case of a tie, we’ll do a random drawing from those students).  Good luck to all! 

 Enter Contest Here:

And the Trivia Winner is…

Congrats to Amanda Ten Haken who was able to correctly identify what all the names from last month’s top ten list had in common.  Many students correctly answered that they were all characters from James Bond films, but only Amanda realized that they were all from the same James Bond film, the 1963 classic (and Dr. Martin’s favorite) From Russia with Love.

Winner of the Guess the New Pink Flamingo Editor’s Identity Contest

We’d like to congratulate Janna Wellnitz, the winner of our trivia contest, who was randomly chosen from among the correct respondents.  Janna correctly guessed that Dr. Burns wears a lot of black (it helps that Janna sees her 3 times a week), gambled away 10 cents in Las Vegas when she was there for a conference in January, has only owned blue cars, and drove without a license after she failed her driver’s license renewal test. She is also the new addition to the editorial staff of The Pink Flamingo this year, joining Drs. Vespia and Martin, which probably explains why the newsletter has seen such an increase in quality. We thought we would announce the winner now so that the suspense did not distract you too much from your finals week studying.  Good luck with your finals and see you in the fall!