Study the Experience of Childhood in Jordan this Summer

Prof. Jill White invites you to travel with her to Jordan this summer and learn more about how children develop in this Middle Eastern context. Students will have the opportunity to learn the ethnographic method by conducting participant observation and interviewing, and will come to appreciate the diversity within Jordan by reading about and meeting Christians and Muslims, wealthy and poor, and urban and rural Jordanians. Visits to World Heritage historical sites are on the agenda as well. This is a 3 credit Human Development class that can be used to fulfill your World Culture General Education requirement. Want to know more? Read this account from a student who participated in the travel course in a previous year.  Prof. White is eager to answer your questions, so feel free to contact her to learn more!

Study Family Development In London This Summer

This summer Prof. Denise Bartell, as well as Humanistic Studies Profs. Caroline Boswell and Christopher Martin, will offer a 3 week travel course to London. The course will examine the development of the family in London from an interdisciplinary perspective that draws from the fields of history, human development, philosophy, and the humanities. We will explore how practices of courtship, the making of marriage, parental duties and responsibilities, and the experience of childhood both influenced social, religious, cultural and political transformations in modern London, but also how these transformations affected family life. Students will also, through a series of excursions and directed free-time, experience and critically reflect upon contemporary life in London. This 3 credit Human Development course can be used to fulfill your World Culture General Education requirement, and is a wonderful opportunity to travel to one of the most exciting cities in the world and take a uniquely interdisciplinary course on the family. We plan to hold at least one informational session about the travel course in November, but if you have questions about the course before then please contact Profs. Bartell, Boswell, or Martin or the Office of International Education.

Travel Courses: A Student Perspective

There are a growing number of travel course options for Human Development. Here we ask Jenna Gmeinder about her recent experiences traveling to Jordan with Dr. Jill White’s class.

1. What travel course did you go on?

I went to Jordan in the Middle East. It was a combined course for Human Development and Humanistic Studies.

2. What kinds of things did you do for the travel course?

For the travel course we went to many historic sites all over Jordan. We saw one of the seven wonders Petra, swam in the Dead and Red Seas, and went on a camel ride in the desert where we slept under the stars at a Bedouin camp. Most mornings we had group class for group discussion and the history behind what we were doing each day for a great understanding. We also visited a Youth Resource Center, where we were going to get our service learning experience.

3. How do you think the travel course related to what you have learned in your classes?

In a lot of the classes at UWGB we learn about theories and how they are applied cross culturally; when in Jordan I could see those theories in play. I think it was easier to see the theories by being an outsider in a different culture that is new to you.

4. How important has this travel course been to your educational experience at UWGB, and why?

I believe it has been very important. UWGB values diversity and you get to see how diverse the world really is.

5. What advice would you give to a student who’s never done a travel course before?

Go on a travel course and go somewhere you might never have a chance to go to otherwise. Through the travel course you learn so much more than what you would have going by yourself, and you get to experience the place much more than just a tourist would.

Exciting Adventures Await You!

Learn about children, parents, culture, and the life course in South Africa or Jordan. Earn 3 credits in Human Development, Global Studies, or Anthropology for three weeks of immersion in a faculty-led trip abroad. Not only will you have the chance to deepen your expertise in human development, you will build relationships with faculty and other students, make friends with people across the globe, and find out wonderful things about yourself. Applications are due online on March 1. Several scholarships are available, but have their own deadlines, so don’t wait!! Jill White is eager to answer your questions about the trip to Jordan, and can be reached at Illene Cupit is delighted to answer any enquiries about South Africa at