Dr. Jennifer Lanter is new CATL Director

Greetings, Students!

I am not teaching as much as I used to these days, but there is a very good reason for this.  This past summer I was appointed as the Director of UWGB’s Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL).  The goal of this Center is to provide opportunities, resources and supportive communities to faculty and instructional staff that foster the awesome teaching that is going on in (and out of) the classroom here at UWGB!  The Center offers support to faculty and instructional staff who would like to enhance their teaching and student learning through research of classroom activities and instructional techniques.  I also work on organizing a Faculty Development Conference in January where we focus on pressing teaching and learning issues and I organize book groups and workshops throughout the academic year that foster collaborations among faculty and staff from numerous departments on campus, all working together to discuss and reflect on a variety of learning, teaching, and educational issues.  The Center offers numerous grants and awards throughout the academic year, most often known by students is the Student Nominated Teaching Award (SNTA) that is awarded each Spring to a well-deserved early career instructor and an experienced instructor.  The Center also provides training for instructors who teach online, giving them an opportunity to experience online learning from a student’s perspective and to collaborate with colleagues to improve online teaching techniques. In all, although I am not teaching as much as I used to, I am still very much involved in instruction that is taking place on campus!  Don’t hesitate to visit me in my CATL office, IS 1144 (right next to the GAC Lab)!

Welcome Dr. Sawa Senzaki!

I joined the Human Development and Psychology departments this fall.  I’m originally from Japan, but I moved to Wisconsin when I was 18 and graduated from UW-Superior majoring in Psychology and Art therapy.   Maybe Superior, WI was not cold enough for me (!), so I moved to Edmonton, Alberta in Canada to complete my Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Social and Cultural Psychology. 

Currently I am teaching Intro to Human Development and Infancy and Early Childhood courses.  My research examines cross-cultural differences and similarities in cognitive development.  My current project studies how children understand “nice people” and “mean people” in the U.S. and Japan. 

I am happy to be back in Wisconsin! I am especially grateful that I can get my favorite snacks – the “good kind of” string cheese at any gas station.

Searching for another Human Development Professor

We are searching to find a professor to replace Dr. Melissa Schnurr, who is now working for the Iowa Department of Education.  Those are big shoes to fill, but we’d like your help!  You may have different professor candidates teach one of your classes, go to lunch with you, and/or give a presentation on their research.  Your feedback is vital to this process so we’d like to hear what you think.  We will send out more details about these opportunities as they become available.

Sabbatical Updates for Dr. Bartell and Dr. Burns

Last issue we told you that Dr. Bartell will be on sabbatical for the 2012-2013 academic year and Dr. Burns will be on sabbatical for the Spring 2013 semester.  What will they be working on during their sabbaticals?  Dr. Bartell will be working on projects related to the First Year Seminars and the WiRE relationship education project.  Dr. Burns will be writing some journal articles and compiling a reader for statistics.  Please join us in wishing them both a most productive and rejuvenating sabbatical!