Did you know…to take Methods right after Stats?

In this feature, we address the methods course requirement.  Did you know…that you should try to take Methods (Hum Dev 302 for Human Development majors and Psych 300 for Psych majors) right after you take statistics?  You will apply your statistical knowledge in your methods course so this will help you remember as much as you can.  Whether you think about statistics as your appetizer or methods as your dessert, enjoy your meal of knowledge!

Connect with the Psychology Department on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

The Psychology Department is now on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  If you are a psychology major or minor and have accounts with any of those social networking sites, you should get connected for updates, contests, pictures, and more.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UWGBPsych

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uwgbpsych

Instagram: http://instagram.com/uwgbpsych

Did You Know…You should do research for your job/grad school applications and interviews?

If you want your resume or application to get noticed, it should be accompanied by a cover letter or personal statement that demonstrates your knowledge of the specific potential job/grad program, the organization, its values/philosophy, its staff or faculty, and more. When you go to the interview, you should also be prepared to impress with your specific knowledge of the organization, its mission, its particular strengths, and so on. You will undoubtedly be asked interview questions about such topics, as well. Do your homework in advance. Visit the organization’s website, seek out other sources of public information about it, talk to current or past employees, students, or other relevant people you already know. Use that information to show you are a prepared, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable applicant!

Did you know…to take gen ed courses now?

In this feature, we address general education courses.  Did you know…that the university is changing gen ed?  This is not meant to send you into a panic–you have enough stress with registration as it is!  Your gen ed requirements will not change from when you first started here.  However, the university will start offering some new gen ed classes in Fall 2014.  To make room for these new offerings, it would help to have as many existing students as possible having already taken their gen ed classes.  The “old” gen ed classes will still be offered.  Breathe, breathe…

Did you Know… About our Departmental Want Ads?

Did you Know… About our Departmental Want Ads?

If you’re interested in research or teaching assistantships, internships, or even volunteer work, you should check out the Human Development and Psychology Want Ads, a website where faculty post these opportunities. This is a particularly good time to look because most faculty members are looking for their fall semester assistants right now! Keep in mind that not all professors will post openings on the website, so if you don’t see someone listed, you may want to visit the faculty links on the Human Development and Psychology websites, see if that person indicates whether or not he or she usually works with RAs or TAs, and then e-mail the individual to express your interest.

Visit the Want Ads today! http://blog.uwgb.edu/hudpsychwantads/

Don’t forget, though, that these are just internal positions, and that the Phoenix Recruitment Online (PRO) System through Career Services http://www.uwgb.edu/careers/connections/pro.asp is where your job search should start. We also have very few internal internship positions. Your internship search might also involve PRO and the list of some of our past internships, but it should begin by making sure you meet pre-requisites and by talking with a faculty member and reviewing the internship policy.

Did you know…about January interim (Winterim) courses?

In this feature, we address Winterim courses.  Did you know…that you can take a course over the Winterim session to speed up your graduation date?  We are not offering any psychology or human development courses this winterim, but there are several courses that would count toward your gen ed requirements.  Winterim courses are not a part of tuition plateau and all are Internet-based courses.  To see a complete list of which courses are being offered, go to the Schedule of Classes, change the term to Fall 2012, and change class type to January interim.

Did You Know…About Courses Outside your Major or Minor?

In this feature, we address courses outside your major or minor.  Did you know…that you can take courses outside your major or minor to make yourself more marketable for jobs and/or grad school?  You can also take courses that are personally relevant.  Many students find that they need to take classes beyond their Gen. Ed. and major/minor requirements to fulfill the 120 credits needed to graduate.  Why not take some classes in business, English, political science, etc.?  These outside courses may allow you to stand out from other job and grad school applicants, develop expertise in other areas, and maybe even spark new interests.

Did you know…? You Need to Apply for Graduation More Than a Semester in Advance

Did you know…there is an application process for graduation? Even if you do not plan to participate in the ceremony, you need to complete the on-line application to graduate within SIS. Doing so triggers the Registrar’s Office to conduct a degree audit to see if you have met/will meet by your graduation date all the requirements for graduation. It’s important to do this early enough that you could actually be notified if you were missing a requirement before you begin your final semester (and while you can still make changes to your schedule). That means December graduates should apply after they register for classes but before May 1. May graduates are to apply after they register for spring classes but before December 1, and August graduates apply after registering for summer classes but before February 1.   Find out more here

Did you know…About the Methods Requirement?

In this feature, we address the methods requirement for majors and minors. Did you know…that Human Development and Psychology double majors need to take both Developmental Research Methods and Experimental Psychology? Those with a Psychology minor only (i.e., not also a Human Development major) can take either one of these courses, and Human Development minors only (i.e., not also a Psychology major) are not required to take either one. For single majors, you will need to take the course specific to your major (Experimental Psychology for Psychology majors and Developmental Research Methods for Human Development majors).

Did You Know… About Double Counting?

In this feature, we address the issue of “double counting”. Did you know…that you can “double count” across different majors/minors/programs, but not within the same major/minor/program? For example, HUM DEV 331 Infancy and Early Childhood could double count by applying both to your Human Development AND Psychology major or minor since they are separate programs. However, HUM DEV 350 Developmental Psychobiology would only count as either the Biological Course for the Human Development major OR the Advanced Specialization course for the Human Development major (not both) since these two requirements are within the same major. These double counting rules hold true for Gen Eds as well. You can count a course toward both Gen Ed AND your major, but you can’t use 1 course to double count for 2 Gen Ed requirements.

Did You Know…About the Human Development Diversity Requirement?

In this recurring feature, we address common questions we hear and important facts we want to share. This month we highlight the Diversity Requirement for the Human Development major.

Did you know…that the diversity course (required only for Human Development majors under catalog years 2007-08, 2008-09, & 2009-10) shows up your SIS as “unmet” for every student until their advisor asks the Registrar’s Office to slot a course in for it (even if you have already fulfilled the requirement)? Unfortunately, the computer system just can’t handle the automatic programming for this one. To meet the requirement, you need to take an ADDITIONAL ethnic studies, world culture, or travel course (above and beyond what you took for your Gen Ed requirements and beyond those classes you will count as upper-level Human Development electives). If you are a foreign language major or minor, an upper-level foreign language class (not a grammar class) that is not counting for Gen Ed can also work. If you have taken a course that you believe meets this requirement, but it is still showing up as unmet (check your SIS report to confirm that FIRST), then contact your Human Development adviser so he/she can work with the Registrar’s Office to fix the issue.

Did You Know…?

In our last issue, we mentioned that the GRE (a common graduate school admission test) is coming out with a major revision in August. Did you know…that some test-preparation companies are now also weighing in with analysis of this new test? Find out more by clicking here and here.

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT endorsing their products OR suggesting you have to enroll in expensive preparation courses. We just wanted to provide some additional resources for information about the test changes. You can also find information (and FREE prep materials) on the GRE website.