Careers of the Month: February 2009 Edition

Like working with people and finding a way to help them? Consider these great job options!

Elementary or Secondary School Teacher: Students interesting in a teaching career in Wisconsin must be certified by the state, which typically involves completing an approved Education major or minor, passing qualifying exams, and more. Some of our HUD and PSYCH students are also completing the Education program, but if you are not, there may be ways to pursue the necessary educational and testing requirements after you complete your bachelor’s degree in another field (e.g., see Milwaukee Fellows Program post). You can find out more about teaching careers at:

Physical Therapist: A graduate degree is required to become a physical therapist, and a solid foundation in the sciences as an undergraduate is important. This rewarding career has a great employment outlook and could be a wonderful match for someone who enjoys helping others. See:

What’s New? Jobs, Volunteer Opportunities, and More on the HUD/PSYCH Bulletin Board

We are not quite sure why we have been asked to include this item given you have an amazing blog to bring you all the news you could ever need, but we have been informed that there’s a great HUD/PSYCH Bulletin Board in the 3rd floor hallway of MAC, just outside the C Wing. Some job, volunteer, internship, and graduate school opportunities, breaking news announcements, faculty publications, and more are posted as received. Apparently, our once-a-month-or-so blog isn’t enough to keep up with all the breaking news, so please visit the bulletin board when you have the chance.

Careers of the Month: October 2008 Edition

This month we are highlighting two careers that might be unfamiliar to Human Development and Psychology students – but which could be exciting options for you!

University Extension Work: Interested in family education or supporting youth leadership activities? Learn more about the work of university extension offices and potential jobs in community outreach and educational roles at:

Public Health: Want to pursue work in health education, health care administration, or advocacy? Careers in these areas (and more!) are possible with a graduate degree in public health. Follow this link for more information:

Your Chance to Learn about I/O Psychology

Have you ever contemplated a career in industrial-organizational psychology? “Graduate School and Careers in I-O Psychology” is a great place to start learning about this exciting career path! A recording of a webinar will introduce the field where business and psychology meet. It will outline graduate school options and provide a preview of graduate school life and career options.   Click here to view a recording of the webinar, along with the PowerPoint slide presentation.

Careers of the Month: September 2008 Edition

This issue we highlight two helping careers – one that requires a graduate degree and one that does not.

Psychiatric Aide: Want to work in a hospital setting and do everything from personal care to talking with/assisting patients? Learn more about work as a psychiatric aide.

Counseling Psychologist: Want to become a licensed psychologist, conduct therapy, specialize in assessment, or work as a professor, consultant, or researcher? Learn about a doctoral-level degree in counseling psychology, which could prepare you for any of those options!

Careers of the Month: April 2008 Edition

For our April issue, the PF highlights two great career options for those who are thinking about using their degrees in business-related areas. Those interested in these options will likely also want to consider, at minimum, taking some Business courses while at UWGB.

Real Estate Agent: Like working with people and the idea of helping them find their dream home? Read about work as a real estate agent.

Loan Officer: All those people buying houses are clearly going to need loans. Why not work to help them? Learn more about work in banking as a loan officer.

Careers of the Month: March 2008 Edition

Another month arrives – and with it comes two more great careers to consider with your Human Development or Psychology major.

Volunteer Coordinator: Interested in the non-profit world? Counseling not for you, but think you might be great at bringing together volunteers to work at or raise funds for your local food pantry or crisis center? Maybe you’re a future Volunteer Coordinator!

Police Officer: Contemplating a career in law enforcement? A college degree is a great place to start! Keep in mind that courses related to criminal justice and other relevant areas may be helpful, and that you will need specific law enforcement training after your college graduation.

Careers of the Month: February 2008 Edition

This month, we shine the spotlight on two careers that relate to assessment – one that requires a graduate degree, and one that does not.

Psychometrist: Think you might like to administer tests for a living? Here’s a career you can pursue with a bachelor’s degree working under the supervision of a psychologist. Read more at the National Association of Psychometrists’ website.

School Psychologist: Ready to take on graduate school for a couple of years? Interested in working with children and also assessing their academic abilities and needs? Think about school psychology and learn more at the National Association of School Psychologists’ website.

Careers of the Month: November 2007 Edition

This month, we profile careers that may be of interest to those who want to work with children.

Day Care Worker: Still like playing with crayons and finger paint? Like working with kids and helping them learn? Find out more at by clicking here.

Children’s Librarian: Want an excuse to read your favorite books over and over again? Enjoy developing educational programs for children? Think about a career as a children’s librarian and learn more at this website.

Careers of the Month: September 2007 Edition

Two regular Pink Flamingo features are our Careers of the Month and Career/Grad School Tip of the Month. Just think of them as our small contribution to your future.

Personnel Recruiter: Like meeting and working with new people? Good at assessing others’ strengths? Learn about this career at:  

Social Worker: Want to help people? Interested in facilitating adoptions or even doing mental health counseling? Human Development and Psychology students can pursue graduate degrees in Social Work. Learn more at:

Careers of the Month (March 2007)

Insurance Professional: Interested in the business side of things? The insurance industry and other businesses often hire students with general liberal arts degrees like Human Development and Psychology and may provide on-the-job training and competitive salaries. Learn more at:

Lawyer: Have you ever thought about becoming a child advocate in Washington, D.C. or working in family law? HUD and PSYCH students often believe they can only pursue graduate degrees in their major areas of study. In fact, you can apply to law school, medical school, and many other graduate programs with a general liberal arts degree. Consider a career as an attorney! Lean more at:

Careers of the Month (February 2007)

Worried about your future career? Tired of people asking you, “What are you going to do with a Human Development or Psychology major?”  Find an answer!  To help you in your quest, The Pink Flamingo will include two regular features: “Careers of the Month” and the “Career/Grad School Tip of the Month.”

Probation and Parole Officer: Interested in forensics? Want a challenging career working with and helping people?  Learn more about probation and parole officers at:

Occupational Therapist: Willing to go to graduate school and want to help people, but don’t want to be a counselor? Think about occupational therapy, and learn more at: 

Not satisfied with two measly career options? Check out the results of Career Services’ annual survey and see a list of actual UWGB students’ first jobs and graduate school placements: