Double Methods Fun for Double Majors

Are you double majoring in psychology and human development?  Then you are required to take both Experimental Psychology and Developmental Research Methods.  Each course is designed to teach you the methods specific to the field, and they are not interchangeable.  We just thought we would mention this in the interest of saving Dr. Vespia (or her cat) some waiver requests (we’ve just given you a clue to the trivia contest!). 

New Class for Spring: Gender and Aging

Human Development is excited to offer a new upper-level elective option for Spring! Dr. Smith will be teaching a course called “Gender and Aging” (HUM DEV 483L), and it will count as an upper-level elective for the Human Development major or minor. Please click here to read the class description to learn more about the course, and add it to your wish list today! Note that because it is a new class, a course substitution form will have to be filed next semester for it to “show up” as meeting an upper-level elective requirement in your SIS account.

Catalog Year and Course Substitution Issues

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve added a number of courses in Human Development and Psychology in recent years. Although we’re happy to bring you these new options, if the class was brand new (or didn’t exist yet!) under your “catalog year” in SIS, our lovely computer system will not automatically recognize the class as meeting a requirement that it might meet. So…here’s a list of some relatively new classes and what they “count for.”

HUM DEV 302 Developmental Research Methods: the research methods course requirement for the Human Development major (an acceptable and encouraged substitution for students from older catalog years which specify COMM SCI 301)

HUM DEV 443 Spirituality and Development
: upper-level elective for the Human Development major/minor

HUM DEV 483L Gender and Aging: upper-level elective for the Human Development major/minor

PSYCH 305 Psychology of Stereotyping and Prejudice: upper-level elective for the Psychology major/minor and Ethnic Studies & Writing Emphasis class for General Education

PSYCH 424 Psychology of Emotion: upper-level elective for the Psychology major/minor

PSYCH 483F Child Clinical Psychology: upper-level elective for the Psychology major/minor

If your major or minor was declared under the current (2010-11) or very recent catalog, then these classes may automatically slot in to fill these requirements. If not, though, you may need to ask the Human Development or Psychology chairperson to sign a course substitution form for you to get them to count. Please do not ask for those forms right now. We will deal with those paperwork requests or issues during the Spring semester once we have a stable list of actual enrollments for these classes. 

A New Car or a New Course Format? The Hybrids are Here

No, it’s not the latest high-mileage vehicle out of Detroit, but it is a new vehicle for delivering some of our courses. The hybrids are here. Human Development and Psychology are excited to bring you the opportunity to take some classes in the Spring in a combined in-person/Internet fashion. These classes must meet in person at least twice during the term, and they may meet much more often than that. The rest of the course will be “delivered” on-line. We are assured that this new format should be included within the “tuition plateau” for full-time students, and we hope you will take advantage of these new options. We will be assessing how they go during the Spring to help us make decisions about offering them in the future. In the meantime, please know that the following courses will be in hybrid format for the upcoming semester:

HUM DEV 331 Infancy and Early Childhood, Section 002 ONLY
HUM DEV 345 Human Sexuality, Sections 001 & 002
HUM DEV 346 Culture, Development, and Health, Section 001
HUM DEV 424 Creative and Critical Thinking, Section 001
PSYCH 417 Psychology of Cognitive Processes, Section 001
PSYCH 429 Theories of Personality, Sections 001 & 002

Recycling Registration Resources

We’re Eco U, so it’s with pride that we recycle these registration gems. Click on the link provided to read some of our favorite registration stories from the past – that still include great, relevant information!

Looking to speed up your graduation date?: Part II

Summer will be here before you know it, and so will summer classes. We hope that several Psychology and Human Development classes will be offered with a mixture of both traditional and online formats. Summer registration isn’t open yet, but when it does, it is open to all students, not on a priority basis depending on credit standing like during the semester. We hope the final list of summer classes will be available in December, with registration likely occurring in January. Stay tuned for more updates.

Did You Know…?

Spring Graduates Should Apply for Graduation this Semester
Welcome to the second installment of our new feature designed to make you one of the best-informed students at UWGB. Did you know…there is an application process for graduation? A little more than a semester before you intend to graduate, you need to complete the on-line application to graduate within SIS. Doing so triggers the Registrar’s Office to conduct a degree audit to see if you have met/will meet by your graduation date all the requirements for graduation. It also probably gets you on the email distribution list that will receive important commencement information, including announcements about cap and gown, the senior resource fair, and so on. It’s important to do this early enough that you could actually be notified if you were missing a requirement before the Spring semester begins. If you are planning to graduate in May, you should apply for graduation after you register for Spring classes and by December 1st.  

Important Advising Reminder: Developmental Research Methods, not Foundations of Social Research

As you should all know by now, Human Development majors are required to complete a research methods course as a part of their major requirements. Please, make sure to view your Academic Requirements report in SIS to be certain you are taking the correct methods course to fulfill the graduation requirements for your catalog year. Although some earlier catalogs did permit students to take COMM  SCI 301 Foundations of Social Research, all students declared under the 2009-10 catalog or later must take HUM DEV 302 Developmental Research Methods (COMM SCI 301 is not considered a substitute). You can find out by checking in SIS what catalog year you are declared under (which may not be the same as the year you started at UWGB) and what course is required under that catalog. Questions? See your advisor.

Recycling Registration Resources

April is the month for fall registration and Earth Day.  What better way to celebrate both than by recycling some classic registration resources from the past? 

FAQs About Registration and Advising

This Just In…New Procedure for Declaring a HUM DEV or PSYCH Major or Minor

Research Assistantships: A Student Perspective

Teaching Assistantships: A Student Perspective

Internships: A Student Perspective

Registration Reminders

As you’re planning your schedule for next semester, we’d like to remind you to take the statistics and research methods courses (Experimental Psychology, Developmental Research Methods) as early as you can.  These courses not only provide a strong foundation for your later coursework, they also help you understand the jokes in our 4th hint about the new Editor’s identity. In addition, as a psychology major or minor, many of the upper-level courses require the statistics and research method courses as prerequisites.  Since this will be the second year these prereqs have been in place, we will not be offering concurrent enrollment waivers as we have done in previous semesters.  One potential exception to the research methods requirement will be for those students who declared a minor in psychology in 2009 or earlier and find they cannot complete the Social/Personality requirement because of the pre-requisites.  In this case, you should contact the course instructor about a possible waiver.