Careers of the Month (February 2007)

Worried about your future career? Tired of people asking you, “What are you going to do with a Human Development or Psychology major?”  Find an answer!  To help you in your quest, The Pink Flamingo will include two regular features: “Careers of the Month” and the “Career/Grad School Tip of the Month.”

Probation and Parole Officer: Interested in forensics? Want a challenging career working with and helping people?  Learn more about probation and parole officers at:

Occupational Therapist: Willing to go to graduate school and want to help people, but don’t want to be a counselor? Think about occupational therapy, and learn more at: 

Not satisfied with two measly career options? Check out the results of Career Services’ annual survey and see a list of actual UWGB students’ first jobs and graduate school placements: