Career Tip of the Month: Investigate Career Services

Are you graduating in May? Are you feeling excited, thrilled, on top of the world? Or are you perhaps feeling a bit nervous, uneasy, and maybe even a little nauseous? We at the PF understand that the thought of looking for a job right now is daunting. Even though we teach you about Freudian defense mechanisms in class, though, that doesn’t mean we endorse over-use of them! Denial might seem like a good strategy (Job? What do you mean I need to find a job?) now, but it’s probably not in your long-term best interests. Our Career Tip of the Month, therefore, is to check out the wonderful work done by UW-Green Bay’s Career Services ( They can assist you with your resume, cover letter, interviewing skills, and job search strategies, and most of their services are free to you as a current student. Take advantage of those services now before you graduate, and don’t let fear delay putting you on the path to career success!