Breaking News: New Pink Flamingo Editor

Who could ever replace Dr. Vespia and Dr. Martin?  No one!  At least that’s what this new editor thinks (or hopes).  In these times of budget cuts, however, The Pink Flamingo is actually adding positions to the workforce. (It helps that we don’t get paid for writing this.) We have added a new member to the editorial team, but we are keeping this person’s identity a secret at least until the end of the semester. (I guess he or she doesn’t want to be too closely associated with Dr. Vespia and Dr. Martin?) We will give you a hint each issue to help you guess this person’s secret identity. Here’s your first clue: This person waited one day too long to renew his/her driver’s license, had to take the written test, and then failed the test by one question. Undeterred, this person drove home (without a license) anyway.