Breaking News: Human Development REVAMPS Curriculum

Our top-notch crew of investigative reporters has this item hot off the presses: After two years of discussion Human Development has revised its curriculum for the major! Some key problems addressed include: insufficient interdisciplinarity and structure, ambiguity, a laundry list of courses without organization, and confusion in the role played by different disciplines. Starting NEXT academic year (Fall 2010) NEW majors will have a brand-new set of major requirements that tell a tighter story. All current majors have the option to switch to the new and improved catalog if they so choose. Some of the changes include:

1.     New Biology, Anthropology/Sociology, and Psychology requirements and options

2.     Electives Grouped by Key Areas of the Study of Human Development

3.     Removal of Cultural Diversity requirement BUT more Diversity Options Added Throughout

You can view the full new major requirements at: Consult with your advisor if you think you might be interested in changing catalog years and taking advantage of this new and improved curriculum.