Breaking News: Changes to Human Development Biology Requirement for this Semester Only!

Human Development majors have to fulfill a Biological Course requirement to complete their program of study. Many of the courses traditionally taken to fulfill that requirement (e.g., Biology of Women, Human Genetics) are not being offered this spring. For this semester only, the following courses may be taken instead to meet that requirement: NUT SCI 242 Food and Nutritional Health; NUT SCI 250 World Food Population Issues, and NUT SCI 302 Ethnic Influences on Nutrition. This message is intended primarily for May graduates who have not yet completed this requirement, as additional options (e.g., on-line Biology of Women, Developmental Psychobiology) should be available for summer and fall, respectively. If there are other students who wish to take one of the above Nutritional Sciences courses to meet their Biological Course requirement this semester, however, they are welcome to do so. We will not retroactively count these courses, though (e.g., if you took one of those classes two semesters ago, we will not waive the requirement), except for graduating seniors (who should see Dr. Gurung).  In the meantime, the Human Development faculty will be revisiting this requirement, which would mean some possible changes to the curriculum. Rest assured readers, when that news breaks, The Pink Flamingo will be on the story.