Breaking News: 2012 Registration Highlights

Welcome to the registration-themed fall issue of the PF. Here are some hot-off-the-presses news items designed to help you pick classes wisely for the new semester.

1. Priority registration for Human Development classes: As usual, HUM DEV majors and minors will have priority registration access to our upper-level courses for the first couple of weeks of registration (until November 18th). Classes that also meet requirements for other majors (e.g., HUM DEV 331 for Psychology students) will also include those majors and minors in the priority registration period.

2. Hybrid vs. Internet classes and the tuition plateau: Hybrid classes offered through the department are included within the “tuition plateau” for full-time students, meaning their cost is included within the flat rate you pay for taking between 12 and 18 credits during a semester. Internet classes, usually offered through the Adult Degree program in the Fall and Spring semesters, are not included in the tuition plateau, and that could mean that full-time students are charged several hundred dollars for them above and beyond their full-time tuition rate. Only Student Billing can tell you what the cost would be in your specific situation, so please consult with them if you have any questions.

3. Dying, Death, and Loss returns: Popular long-time faculty member Dr. Illene Cupit (formerly Noppe) returns from sabbatical for the spring semester, meaning that Dying, Death, and Loss also returns to our Human Development course offerings!

4. Four sections of Developmental Research Methods available: HUM DEV 302 was in high demand this semester, so we will have 4 sections available to students for spring!

5. Getting an error message? Check that class section number!: We commonly hear from students once registration begins because they are getting an error message saying they don’t meet pre-requisites for a class when they believe they have. In many cases, this is because they are trying to register for a HUM DEV or PSYCH-prefix class that is offered through the Adult Degree program. Those classes have as a pre-requisite that students must have a major in Nursing or Interdisciplinary Studies (an Adult Degree program), which is why you get the error message. They are also typically Internet classes (see highlight #2 about the tuition plateau issue above!). You can easily identify these classes by looking at the section number. They will have a section number that begins with a “1” (e.g., 1800), while our department courses have section numbers beginning with a “0” (e.g., 0001, 0002). If you do really want to take one of these classes and are not an IST or Nursing major, you will be able to register (if there is still space available) after about one month of priority access for their students only. There is no guarantee space will be available.

6. Sociology/Anthropology requirement for Human Development majors: HUM DEV majors under our most recent catalog years need a specific upper-level sociology or anthropology course. None of those courses are being offered for Spring, other than in Internet format through Adult Degree. Because those classes require an IST or Nursing major and may cost full-time students more, we are offering the following options to Human Development majors who are graduating in May or August 2012 only (if you have some other special circumstance, consult with the Chair). Those students may take instead: DJS 333 Area Studies in Democracy and Justice: Eastern Europe; HUS 360 Globalization and Cultural Conflict; or SOCIOL 203 Ethnic and Racial Identities. They can also consult with their advisor about the possibility of changing their catalog year (if eligible), which could mean that they would not have to meet this requirement. If you are graduating next semester and take one of these alternative courses, you will need Dr. Vespia to complete a Course Substitution form. She will not do this until next semester when students are actually in the course. At that point, you will be able to file the e-form request with her.