Sociology/Anthropology Options for Human Development Majors

Adult Degree has a limited number of seats open in courses that fulfill the Sociology/Anthropology requirement for Human Development majors.  Might we suggest taking one of the following Fall courses instead?  We will be offering 3 sections of Hum Dev 346: Culture, Development, and Health.  If you take this, it wouldn’t be able to doublecount as your gender/cultural diversity course or additional advanced coursework course.  You could instead take Socio 307: Social Theory, Socio 310: Urban Sociology, or DJS 348: Gender and the Law.  You would need to send a course substitution form to Dr. Burns once you’ve registered for one of these courses in order to have it count as your sociology/anthropology course.

Considering a Research Assistantship, Teaching Assistantship, or Internship? Check Out the Department Want Ads

If you’re interested in research or teaching assistantships, internships, or even volunteer work, you should check out the Human Development and Psychology Want Ads, a website where faculty can post these opportunities. This is a particularly good time to look because most faculty members are looking for their fall semester assistants right now. Keep in mind that not all professors will post openings on the website, so if you don’t see someone listed, you may want to visit the faculty links on the Human Development and Psychology websites, see if that person indicates whether or not he or she usually works with RAs or TAs, and then e-mail the individual to express your interest.

Visit the Want Ads today!

Don’t forget, though, that these are just internal positions, and that the Phoenix Recruitment Online (PRO) System through Career Services is where your job search should start. We also have very few internal internship positions. Your internship search might also involve PRO and the list of some of our past internships, but it should begin by making sure you meet pre-requisites and by talking with a faculty member and reviewing the internship policy.

Did you know…to take Methods right after Stats?

In this feature, we address the methods course requirement.  Did you know…that you should try to take Methods (Hum Dev 302 for Human Development majors and Psych 300 for Psych majors) right after you take statistics?  You will apply your statistical knowledge in your methods course so this will help you remember as much as you can.  Whether you think about statistics as your appetizer or methods as your dessert, enjoy your meal of knowledge!