Author! Author! Professor Gurung Publishes Four (Yes, Four) Books!

Have you been complaining about the five-page reaction paper you have to write for a class, or even about the 20 page paper for your internship? Well, you’re not going to get much sympathy here. Dr. Regan Gurung has had four books published within the last couple of months. He is the proud co-author or co-editor of the following texts: Culture and Mental Health, Exploring Signature Pedagogies, Getting Culture, and Optimizing Teaching and Learning. You may or may not know that doing research is actually part of the job of a college or university faculty member, but producing four books in such a short period of time is something most professors will only ever dream of (or, more likely, have nightmares about!). So…if you see Dr. Gurung, please pass on some very well-deserved congratulations!