Advisors Are Like Electronic Equipment: No Returns or Exchanges!

It may seem challenging to determine your advisor’s identity. Follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll be in great shape!  If you are newly declaring a major, find your advisor using our website. All students should also be able to find their advisor’s name in Student Information System (SIS) by looking in the lower right corner of the “Student Center” page. Your HUD and PSYCH advisor should be the same person.  For continuing majors/minors, stay with the same advisor you were assigned when you declared your major or minor. Do not change advisors when we change alphabetical listings; we want you to have the same advisor throughout your education.  Please, no returns or exchanges (even with a receipt!). Exception: Isn’t there always an exception? If you have a compelling reason to want to change advisors, please see the Department Chair and/or sign a new major/advisor declaration form with your new advisor so that we have a record of these changes.