A Chilling Top 10 List

We were feeling overworked this month so we farmed out the responsibility of our Top Ten list to a group of students.  What did they come up with?  Well, we present you the Top 10 Reasons the Cold Weather is Negatively Affecting Our Learning.

10.  For some reason, Human Development and Psychology seem less important when you can’t feel your extremities.

9. Forget trying to get to campus, I can’t even take on-line classes without my computer freezing up.

8. The sound of our teeth chattering makes it hard to hear the instructor.

7. I can’t figure out how to deal with “freezing cold” as a confounding variable in my Experimental Psychology project.

6. It’s hard to take notes in mittens. 

5. The numbing of my frontal lobe has decreased my capacity for critical thought. 

4. I would have come to school, but the news reported that UW-Green Bay’s campus was closed.  Was that a delusion or a hallucination? 

3. I am fairly sure I learned in Health Psych that I am not supposed to go outside when it’s this cold. 

2. I have been busy trying to transfer to the Universities of South Florida and Miami and can’t focus on my classes. 

1. I had to waste the “my car wouldn’t start” excuse on a time when my car really wouldn’t start.