Sabbatical Updates for Dr. Bartell and Dr. Burns

Last issue we told you that Dr. Bartell will be on sabbatical for the 2012-2013 academic year and Dr. Burns will be on sabbatical for the Spring 2013 semester.  What will they be working on during their sabbaticals?  Dr. Bartell will be working on projects related to the First Year Seminars and the WiRE relationship education project.  Dr. Burns will be writing some journal articles and compiling a reader for statistics.  Please join us in wishing them both a most productive and rejuvenating sabbatical! 

Faculty Good News

We’re pleased to share some good news for faculty members as well.  Dr. Noppe Cupit has started her term as president of Association of Death Education and Counseling (ADEC).  Dr. Wilson-Doenges has won best student group adviser for her work with Zeta Omega Tau, a service-based sorority here on campus.  Finally, many Psychology and Human Development faculty members were nominated for the Student Nominated Teaching Awards: Dr. Bartell, Dr. Holstead, Dr. Lorenz, Dr. Martin, Dr. Vespia, and Dr. VonDras.  Three Psychology and Human Development faculty members are finalists for these awards.  Dr. Zapf is a finalist for the early career award and Dr. Gurung and Dr. Wilson-Doenges are finalists for the experienced teaching award.  The winners of these awards will be announced at the University Leadership Awards Program on May 11th.  Here at The Pink Flamingo we’ll be crossing our feathers and hoping they win!

Study Break Contest: Can You Identify the Flamingo’s Owner?

Lately, we’ve been hearing the following from a lot of students: “Wow, really great newsletter.  You and your co-authors are obviously skilled writers as well as outstanding teachers and I applaud your brilliance.  But why is it called The Pink Flamingo

Depending on our mood, our responses range anywhere from “if you had really read The Pink Flamingo, you would know where it got its name” to “why shouldn’t we call it The Pink Flamingo?  What do you have against flamingos, huh?”

As many of our faithful readers know, the real reason we call it The Pink Flamingo has to do with the lovely lawn ornaments that have graced the hallway of the MAC Hall C-Wing over the years.  It might be hard to imagine now, as the our flamingo population has dwindled greatly over the last few years, but the C-Wing used to be a lush environment where flamingo lawn ornaments thrived, each dressed in anything from a leather jacket to a Packers jersey.

Of course, times have been tough in the C-Wing and many of the plastic flamingos have passed on (please don’t tell Dr. Gurung.  He thinks they all went to live on his uncle’s farm).  Some remain in the C-Wing but are in a sorry state of disrepair.  We have tried obtaining sustainability grants in order to launch “Operation Flamingo Recovery” but, sadly, those grants tend to go to actual causes with tangible benefits rather than the purchasing and decorating of cheesy lawn ornaments.  Instead of those recovery efforts, we thought we would take a trip down memory lane with a contest, the winner of which will be featured in a future issue of The Pink Flamingo and be treated to a candy bar!  Enter here now!