Did you know…? You Need to Apply for Graduation More Than a Semester in Advance

Did you know…there is an application process for graduation? Even if you do not plan to participate in the ceremony, you need to complete the on-line application to graduate within SIS. Doing so triggers the Registrar’s Office to conduct a degree audit to see if you have met/will meet by your graduation date all the requirements for graduation. It’s important to do this early enough that you could actually be notified if you were missing a requirement before you begin your final semester (and while you can still make changes to your schedule). That means December graduates should apply after they register for classes but before May 1. May graduates are to apply after they register for spring classes but before December 1, and August graduates apply after registering for summer classes but before February 1.   Find out more here

Sabbaticals: 2012-2013 for Dr. Bartell and Dr. Burns & the Return of Drs. Gurung and Noppe Cupit

As you examine the schedule of classes both for fall and next spring, you will notice some familiar names missing and some returning to the line-up. We are excited to announce that Dr. Bartell will be on sabbatical for the entire 2012-2013 academic year, and Dr. Burns will be on sabbatical for the Spring 2013 semester. What is a sabbatical, anyway? As a student, you will notice that those professors do not teach classes when they’re on sabbatical, and they might even be in a far off place like New Zealand. Sabbaticals are a chance for faculty to work on projects like writing books or journal articles that they wouldn’t normally be able to complete during the semester while they’re busy teaching, researching, grading papers, etc. Stay tuned next time for more information on what Drs. Bartell and Burns will be working on during their sabbaticals. Meanwhile, we also look forward to welcoming back Dr. Regan Gurung, who will be returning from his full-year sabbatical this year, and we are pleased that Dr. Illene Noppe Cupit is already back with us after a Fall 2011 sabbatical. Both of them have at least one new book to show for their time away, and we will feature some of their exciting work in a future issue, as well.