Student Presentations at Conferences

Craig Van Pay will be presenting at the Midwestern Psychological Association on his work with Dr. Jen Zapf on “Putting together the pieces:  Meaning matters in children’s plural comprehension” and “The influence of language on memory: Differences in recollection of regularly English plural nouns with varying phonological properties”.  Craig has received a very competitive Regional Research Award from Psi Chi for this presentation.  Erin Ehlers and Patrick Spellman will be presenting at the National Conference for the First Year Experience on their work with Dr. Denise Bartell on “Building an institutional inventory of high impact practices for students in transition”.  Congratulations to these student presenters!

Experimental Psychology Poster Session

Once again, students enrolled in Experimental Psychology presented their work at the campus-wide, Experimental Psychology Poster Session.  This event is an opportunity for them to showcase their hard work from the semester and a chance for other students and faculty to learn more about the great research being conducted in these classes. We are proud of their hard work and want to congratulate all of the students, including three groups that earned outstanding research awards.

Participants who see photos of models will take fewer cookies than those who see photos of landscapes: Elise Rittenhouse, Shana Nadler, and Sarah Guzzonato

Stress will alter moral decision-making: Karissa Ryan, Rhiannon Gatton, Brea Gatton, and Amber Grube

Is body image positively affected by brief viewing of average bodies in the media?: Thomas Floading, Shannon Kolash, and Yeng Lovaj. 

New Psychology Website and Facebook Page

Some of you may have noticed this already but Psychology has a new website, complete with updated faculty profiles, current information on internships and other individualized learning opportunities, and much more.  Take a look here if you haven’t already. 

On a similar note, we have a new Facebook page for current psychology students and alumni.  It’s a great spot for networking, sharing good news, and learning about what other students and the faculty are up to.  If you are interested, it’s called UW-Green Bay Psychology Students and Alumni, and you can find it here.