October 15, 2010; Volume 5, Issue 2

Autumn is here! The leaves are falling, and we imagine you are keeping pretty busy with exams, papers, group projects, and more. Your co-editors are busy doing what they do best at this time of year – arguing over football. Yes, having a Packers’ fan and a Vikings’ fan as two of your co-editors is perhaps not the best idea, but the fact that they can work together effectively may be evidence that world peace is possible. Meanwhile, give poor Professor Burns, the non-football fan of the editorial team, your sympathies when you see her, and understand that that there’s no Top 10 list or other humorous item this month because we’re just too busy keeping an eye on those scores and injury reports. But…read on to learn about careers in Human Development and Psychology, P/HD and Psi Chi happenings, and much, much more.

  • P/HD Club News: A Message from the President, Kaitlyn Florer
  • Psi Chi News: Exciting Upcoming Events
  • Psi Chi/PHD Club Success at the NAMIWalk
  • New Chair in Human Development
  • Careers of the Month: October 2010 Edition
  • Career Tip of the Month: Learn How to Network!
  • Graduate School Tip of the Month: Do you need to take the GRE subject test?
  • Graduate School Tip of the Month: Earning a great letter of recommendation
  • Congratulations Twila and Welcome Kelly!
  • Did You Know…?
  • Children and Culture: From Dr. Jill White
  • And the Trivia Winner is…

P/HD Club News: A Message from the President, Kaitlyn Florer

Hello PHD Club members!  Thank you for your participation in our events over this last month!  We have some more exciting activities coming up in the next month:

October 28th @ 5:00 p.m. in MAC 210:  Scary Movie Presentation given by professors Martin and Gurung.  There will also be snacks provided!

November 4th @ 6:00 p.m. in the 1965 Room:  Club Meeting

Look for information on Meet the Professors Night, which will be in November

If you have any questions about the club or want to join our mailing list, contact me at florkj22@uwgb.edu

Psi Chi News: Exciting Upcoming Events

Hey everyone – This is the Psi Chi president Amanda Luedtke, just here to tell you about some exciting events Psi Chi will be doing in the following weeks:

Wednesday, October 27th at 7:00 p.m. Psi Chi will be having a dinner at Victorias to get to know all of our members.

Monday, November 8th at 4:00 p.m. (Room TBA) Psi Chi will be having Caitlyn Gurlt talk about her experience as a summer intern working at Yale University this year. She will also be talking about how next summer her mentor, Dr. Chris Cutter, will be looking for another UW-Green Bay student to do an internship at Yale, as well as the application process. 

For all of October Psi Chi will be looking for officers for next year. Please send a small personal statement (no more than half a page long) stating your interest in Psi Chi, why you would be right for the position, and a little about yourself to luedap18@uwgb.edu. The small personal statement will go up on Psi Chi’s D2L page so members can vote for who they want as officers.

Hope you guys are having a great semester so far, and that exams have not been too brutal. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact Amanda Luedtke at luedap18@uwgb.edu

Psi Chi/PHD Club Success at the NAMIWalk

As you may remember from last month’s issue, the PHD Club and Psi Chi formed a joint team for the NAMIWalk this year.  On September 26th, more than 20 students and faculty got out and walked for NAMI and, collectively, raised more than $1,500 for the cause!  That money will be used for support, advocacy, and education initiatives throughout Brown County.  Thanks so much to all those who walked.