Brett Favre Quits Vikings to Join Human Development

Breaking news out of the Twin Cities! Brett Favre has decided to end another career, but in this case, he’s leaving the Vikings to join us here in Human Development (wouldn’t you?). Of course, we couldn’t offer him $25 million, but we did have 25 cents lying around, and he was really excited about the opportunity to teach a new course for us in the Spring: HUM DEV 500/Advanced Seminar in (Un)Retirement. We just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a world-renowned expert with so much personal experience in the area teaching the class for us. Of course, he will be playing back-up on our team to the first-string quarterback of gerontology courses at UWGB: Dr. Dean Von Dras.

Editors’ Note: If you actually believe this story, we have a flock of flamingos we’d be happy to sell you at a very reasonable price, and if you think we sound a little bitter, well, we are. (And, yes, Dr. Martin is still a Vikings fan, and, no, Dr. Vespia really doesn’t want to talk about it.)

New Travel Course Focuses on Human Development in South Africa

A new 3-credit course, Human Development in South Africa, will be offered during January 2010 (before classes begin for the spring semester).  The course will take place on the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University campus in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on the Eastern Cape of the country, which is along the Indian Ocean. We will study life span human development, from prenatal care to end-of-life care, visit organizations from orphanages to retirement homes, and draw cross-cultural comparisons. In addition, students will have opportunities to visit Addo Elephant Park, the Winterberg Farmlands, and Tsitsikamma National Park. Please visit the International Fair this Thursday, Sept 17 for further details or see Dr. Illene Noppe.

Heads Up for Camp Lloyd Counselors 2010

Invitations to apply to become a Camp Lloyd counselor will be sent out to all Human Development, Psychology, Education, and Social Work students next month. (Note: Camp Lloyd is a week-long, full-day summer camp for grieving children.) Please note that you do NOT have to have the course Death, Dying and Loss (HUD 344) PRIOR to applying for the counselor position. You will need to have the course completed before camp starts, which is the last week in June, 2010.  Check out the Camp Lloyd website for a wonderful review of the 2009 season:

Don’t Forget! Take PSYCH 300, COMM SCI 301, or HUM DEV 302 Early

We expect that almost all of you know this by now but wanted to offer just one last reminder that, starting this semester, either Experimental Psychology (PSYCH 300) or Foundations for Social Research (COMM SCI 301) (or now HUM DEV 302 – see earlier story) is required as a prerequisite for most upper-level psychology courses. Thus, you will need to take PSYCH 300 or COMM SCI 301 or HUM DEV 302 before you can take many other courses in the major. The Psychology department will once again be offering three sections of PSYCH 300 during the Spring semester, so if you have not taken this important course, get enrolled right away.  If you have any questions or concerns, see your advisor.

Attend the 2nd Annual ALLY Conference

Our friends at the AIC sent us the following information about their upcoming ALLY Conference, and we are very happy to re-print it here. Both Dr. Burns and Dr. Smith will be leading workshops during the day, and it promises to be a great event. Please consider attending – and register by September 30th to be guaranteed a conference t-shirt!

“The American Intercultural Center proudly announces its 2nd Annual ALLY Conference. The conference date is Saturday, October 24, 2009 from noon until 6pm. Workshops will be held in the University Union and the conference dinner will be served in the University Union also. Pre-registration is required by Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 for a conference t-shirt and registration is available online at:

The ALLY Conference is a one-day program that will empower its participants with the knowledge and enthusiasm to strive for change and allyship through its workshops and keynote speaker. The conference will offer opportunities to learn about and discuss social themes that affect different student populations, such as women, people of color, persons with disabilities and the LGBTQ community. The ALLY Conference will emphasize diversity and accessibility issues within all the student populations, and also provide a safe environment to celebrate the diversity and talents of women, people of color, persons with disabilities and the LGBTQ community. More importantly, student participants will learn how to become an ally for these communities. The Conference’s keynote speaker is best-selling author and LGBT Civil Rights Leader, Shane L. Windmeyer (Iowa Tribe of Kansas & Nebraska).”

Top Ten List: The Top 10 Reasons There Will Be No Top Ten List This Month

10. We were instructed by the department chair to get back to job fundamentals: teaching, research, and…I don’t know, we weren’t really listening, but top tens weren’t on the list. 

9. New editor’s contract has a strict no top ten list clause.

8. Our new faculty member, Brett Favre, was going to write it… but then he changed his mind and retired again.

7. We were tired of hearing Letterman whine about how we stole his idea. 

6. The Pink Flamingo Task Force for The Writing of Top Ten Lists and Other Items of Comedic Value (PFTFFTWOTTLAOIOCV, for short) took furlough this week. 

5. Two years worth of student hate mail is finally starting to take its toll on our confidence.

4. We spent all week trying to understand the Packers’ new defense (is it a 3-4 or 4-3?) and ran out of time (hey, at least we didn’t throw four interceptions this week).

3. Budget cuts mean that department newsletter editors are no longer paid per joke. 

2. We settled for a top nine instead.